Company Overview

United Independent Wholesale Insurance Network is a member of the CLA*USA
family of companies. Since 1984 CLA*USA has experienced tremendous growth
with over 400 current employees and total sales projected to exceed 600 million
in 2011. The UandIWIN marketing brand was created in 2003 under the legal
entity name "CLA Insurances Services LP." The Corporate Offices are located in
Frisco, Texas. The Administrative and Marketing Offices are located in Flint,
Michigan. Since 2003 UandIWIN has expanded into 49 states with over 2,000
member Independent Insurance Agents. The UandIWIN product portfolio
consists of 47 of the top national insurance carriers' products. The Insurance
lines of business UandIWIN promotes are Life, Health, Disability, Medicare
Supplement, LTC, Annuities and supplemental product lines such as Dental,
Critical Illness and Accident. To review the Bio's of Charles A. Loper, the
Founder and CEO and Daniel B. Hagy, the Managing Partner, click here

More about UandIWIN...
The UandIWIN system is "Revolutionizing The Way Insurance Agents Get Paid." 
It combines the traditional career support system and marketing strategies with a
totally unique compensation plan. This powerful combination provides the
individual insurance agent with the opportunity to build a multi-state insurance
sales organization thru the use of LEVERAGE.
All successful business owners are faced with the challenge of increasing sales
and income each year if they expect to stay in business. Insurance agents are
certainly no exception. Business expenses are increasing at an alarming rate,
while at the same time flat commission rates, strict underwriting and increasing
premiums continue to put pressure on net sales volume.
Experienced agents realize that the only way to grow income year after year is to
create LEVERAGE. Until now there hasn't been a there is...The
"UandIWIN Success System" provides an opportunity for savvy agents to not
only survive, but thrive, in a very lucrative but demanding business.

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