Privacy Policy

In keeping with new and existing privacy laws regarding Protected Health Information
(PHI), NMG/UandIWIN is developing and implementing a comprehensive privacy policy.
Among other things, that policy includes the protection of PHI in emails sent from NMG
or UandIWIN to our agents. Our plan for emails containing PHI has two phases. 

The first phase will be implemented immediately and is intended to secure PHI in emails
as quickly as possible without creating unnecessary hardship on agents. We believe we
have developed a plan that will respect the protection of PHI while keeping the
information you need accessible to you. Here is the detail of Phase I.

Effective immediately all PHI sent to you via email will be in the form of password
protected PDF attachments. In addition, we will no longer be allowed to use any
applicant identifiable information such as names, or policy numbers in the email
body or subject lines. The subject line of the emails you receive will be “A
Message from NMG/UandIWIN” or something very similar.

The password to open the file will be the zip code we have on file for you. To
verify the zip code we are using you may:

  • Log onto the UandIWIN Agent Back Office. We will be using the zip code listed
    for you there.
  • Call the office during normal business hours.

The second phase will be implemented at some point in the coming months and will
consist of a web-based secure email delivery system.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. But, we believe that
these steps are a good balance of compliance and convenience. 

If you have any questions, or need more information feel free to contact our office.